About Regnum Watches

Regnum Watches are proud to be made to the highest standards, whilst still maintaining an affordable price. Things you wouldn’t think of – such as the type of crystal, the grade of steel, and the movement, are all the best you can get for a watch at this price. We’re confident that our watches offer more than our direct competitors and that we’ve not held back on making sure you’re getting the highest quality watch for your money.

We’re a simple family outfit based in the Midlands of the UK – and are happy to say so too. We’re not the kind of watch company that dishonestly claims to be huge or tries to make us seem like something we’re not (we see this a lot from other watch manufacturers), but rather, honesty is the key for us. We feel that a small outfit means better customer relations and communication, and hopefully you do too. We don’t dropship, all the watches are ready to go from our base – so you can be confident of a quick dispatch.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at buy@regnum.watch.